Our software provides you with the best features for a correct decision making, together with a series of applications designed for intensive, effective and, above all, easy use.

It takes into account every possible situation and their corresponding audit control.

Some of its highlights are adaptability to handle continuous staff rotation, clarity in profitability and product popularity reports and versatility to support business changes or expansions.

Together with system implementation, we offer our clients adequate training for the integral use of this management tool.  This training is goal-oriented and is done at the different levels within the gastronomic company.



Comparative Advantages:

  • Adaptability of installation according to the characteristics of your business.
  • Use of New Technologies:
    – Touch screen.
    – Tablet PC.
    – Fingerprint reader
    – Proximity cards
    – IP cameras
    – Bar code reader 
  • Departmental integral training
  • Permanent technical support
  • Free of charge software updates
  • Support for the implementation of new modules
  • Users help desk
  • Customized assistance for doubts or queries

A one-of-a-kind feature:

Our software was developed with the possibility of remote accessing by using IP cameras, which allows you to monitor your business activity in real time. This includes monitoring  the consumption of each table you are watching
from anywhere in the world!

Technology and Innovation at the Service of a New Gastronomy:

We offer software capable of adapting to the needs of every client.
Its easy and intuitive operation is enhanced by permanent support to the end user.
Its installation and proper functioning in any kind of PC, make of our software…