A solution thought to make easier your everday activities


25 years of experience in the field give this product distinctive operative features among which access to the tables via a live image of the restaurant stands. A template determines the location of tables and allows direct access. This advantage can be used remotely as a control tool. Touch screen technology has been widely known and used for a long time now but our solution was developed with an intelligent feature that recognizes every product, categorizes it, gives the possible side dishes and the available seasoning, which makes its operation much more agile and friendly.

The Head Chef can control the service time of each order (from the slowest to the fastest) whether through a screen or a printout.

Regular customers are recognized by their dining preferences, attendance and consumption in order to create accurate and effective marketing policies.


The final product may be made of supplies or sub-products (for instance, Filetto sauce). Costs are automatically updated when goods are purchased to a supplier. The sum of the ingredients determines the total cost of the recipe and, therefore, the profitability rate of each dish as compared to the final price.

In case of cost variations, our solution creates an alert in order to warn you about the changes in such a rate. General costs such as taxes and labour costs are taken into account for every product. There is also a picture with the dish presentation and its preparation technique.

Once in the kitchen a production order is dispatched either as a sub-product (for instance, pizza dough) or as a final product (for instance, breaded steak) the supplies involved are deleted and the new items or products are added.


Staff files include all their personal data, picture, health book’s due date, salary bank account information, salary advance vouchers, maximum percentage of vouchers allowed and an automatically generated report of staff’s arrival and leaving times. Such report can be generated by verification codes, by proximity cards or fingerprint readers, included in additional modules.

It is also possible to manage staff through access permits according to their job responsibilities or to give them personal permits in particular cases.


Within the gastronomic field, Delivery appears as a new modality of service. As a consequence, softwares had to be adapted in order to receive the customer’s orders over the phone or via e-mails. This module gives you the possibility of managing each order taking into account cooking and dispatch times.

Our software records order statistics per customer and their dining preferences. Reception speed and order follow-up until dispatch are essential data, as much as the customer’s final opinion.


Everyday sales and continuous production result in running out of stocked goods, which have their own minimum and maximum stock levels. Our solution will let you issue purchase orders automatically, compare prices of your suppliers and send them purchase orders via e-mail.

This module also includes purchase and sales VAT books, suppliers’ credit accounts, payment orders, bank account information, and historic consumption and costs records.

Cost Centre

Franchising practice has created the need of including an on-line purchase solution capable of issuing purchase orders as needed to the production centre. It checks availability, notifies about delivery times and/or issues the corresponding purchase orders to the production centre or to a specified supplier.
The franchisee receives the goods and checks them against their order.

The franchisor counts with an integrated system which tracks the information of all of their franchisees.

Pubs and Nightclubs

Night life has particular requirements due to service speed and the need of immediate restocking. Although these requirements are taken into account, we take a step further: the chance of using prepaid cards or identity wristbands in order to be spent in any bar, which frees guests from carrying cash.  Furthermore, our software provides with a control panel in which every bar can be simultaneously viewed, together with stock information, sales ranking and customer flow.

Control Panel:

It was recorded in real time (accelerated) and shows customer flow in each bar, product sales ranking, cash and on credit sales (general ones)


The heavy credit account flow of particular business areas requires special solutions and that is what we do. Whether in Delivery/Counter Module or Restaurant Module, the total amount accumulated is registered in the customer’s account and any kind of cancellation is allowed, even cancellation in advance (downpayments). This solution also enables to set customized consumption limits.

Invoicing through the nearest order printer helps in the management and control of the accounts.


Control is the most important concern in this field.

It is possible to manage staff through access permits according to their job responsibilities or to give them personal permits in particular cases.

Our solution counts with a series of reports which are the result of a complex audit at each operative level, shown in a very easy and effective way.

These audit reports can be remotely checked on-line.

Furthermore, you can track the origin of a problem and get its supporting image only with an extra IP camera module.